Sunday, 19 October 2014

Poets, Writers, Performers, join us for a writing walk!

Sunday 9th Nov. 2014 at 12-15pm

A delightful autumn walk from Friary Park to Oak Hill Park.
Meet at the statue in Friary Park at 12-15pm for a 12-30pm start.

For our autumn walk we will head east and north towards Osidge. From Friary Park we will walk across Bethune Park for a lunch stop in New Southgate Recreation Ground. There are
no nearby eateries so a packed lunch is essential. After lunch we will head for a very picturesque stretch of Pymmes Brook that takes us through woodland and open space. After
a quick look at Brunswick Park we will follow Pymmes Brook along the garden village of East and West Walks for a finish at the café in Oak Hill Park. The café serves freshly prepared
food and a range of sandwiches and cakes. The pace will be leisurely and there will be dropout points along the way. After tea the 382 bus will take us back to Friern Barnet and
Finchley. We recommend that you bring a packed lunch and bottle of water with you.

Poets, Writers and performers are very welcome to join us to write a poem or piece of prose that will then be shared at the end of the walk with tea and of course that most important ingredient: cake!

Distance to lunch stop - 1.7 miles. Total distance to Finish - 3.9 miles

All welcome but £3 donation requested from non society members. 

The Finchley Society normally show a slide show ahead of the walk but thought that late November was a bit late to see the autumn leaves at their best  There is a pre-walk slide show at Trinity Church Centre on Tuesday 4th November. For full details see the link here

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Ryhme and Rhythm Jazz - Poetry Club

You may remember that Maggie Butt read from her book “Ally Pally Prison Camp” at the Finchley Literary Festival. 

Maggie is going to be one of the guests at the next Rhyme & Rhythm Jazz-Poetry Club on Sunday 19th October, 6pm at the Dugdale Centre. 

Maggie will be reading from “Ally Pally Prison Camp” with a specially composed jazz accompaniment. Rehearsals are currently ongoing for what  is going to be a stunning show and will be an innovative performance. 

The evening will be hosted by the lovely Sarah Doyle and super-organised Allen Ashley.

The other guest is Chris James, a winner of the National Poetry Competition. 
Plus Open Mic with the band.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Writers Monthly Meet-Up

Greenacre Writers are organising a monthly writers meet-up.

To begin with it will be a social gathering. It may turn into a bring and read event but that will be decided by those who attend.

When: Monthly Every 2nd Wednesday 
Where: The Bohemia Pub762-764 High Road, North Finchley London N12 9QH

Saturday, 20 September 2014

New Short Story Competition

We are delighted to announce the Greenacre Writers monthly Short Story Competition

Closing Date: Monday 20 October 2014 (midnight GMT)
Word Count: Maximum 1000 words on any subject.
Prizes: First Place – £45; Second Place – £20; Third Place – £10
Entry fee: £4.00

Entry Information:

Story length – maximum 1000 words.
The story can be written on any theme or in any genre.
Stories must be written in English.
Please write it in an easily read font such as Ariel 12pt.
Send your story by email, as an attachment, to Put ‘Story Competition’ in the subject line of the email. Please include your name and story title in the email and add your PayPal receipt number as well. (If you are unable to pay by PayPal and post your entry to: Greenacre Writers, 25 Chislehurst Avenue, London N12 0HU) 
Pay the £4 entry fee via PayPal using the button above. You may enter more than one story but each entry costs £4.
We will email confirmation that we have received your entry and PayPal payment.
We will publish a longlist of 25 and a shortlist of the best 10 stories as well as naming the prizewinners.
The winning story will be published on our website but the copyright remains with the author. We are happy to put a link to your blog, website or email with your winning entry if you wish. 
The shortlist and winner will be announced on this website by 31 October 2014.
 Click here for the RULES  

All stories will be read and judged by Greenacre Writers. They have a mixture of backgrounds in publishing and teaching, as well as qualifications – Writing MA.

Happy Writing!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Dragon's Pen Winner and Runner-Up

Greenacre Writers and the Finchley Literary Festival are delighted to announce the winner and runner-up of this year's Dragon's Pen. Here is the announcement:

We three Dragons are delighted to let you know that Lindsay Bamfield has won this year's Finchley Literary Festival's Dragon's Pen for her novel-in-progress Do Not Exceed Fifty. 

Lindsay writes extremely well. Her narrative voice is engaging and convincing and we were impressed with the flow of the story, the immediacy of the voice, the structure of the narrative and the tone of her dialogue. Her internal and external observation is excellent and we found ourselves drawn in to Xanthe's life, eager to know if her quest to 'find a man' works out. There is an effortless tone to her writing -  a fiendishly difficult skill to pull off. 

Lindsay will now have the opportunity to be mentored by Gillian Stern, an editor and writer for Bloomsbury, Orion and Penguin. 

In addition, we are also awarding a runner-up spot to Anne Oatley, for her novel-in-progress Blue Devil. We were excited by the strength and originality of her writing, which is taut, intriguing and surprising. Anne will also be given the opportunity to be mentored by Gillian. 

We loved being Dragons and over the next couple of days, will be sending some feedback to all the writers who entered. Thank you for having us and we hope to be back next year.  

Gillian, Cari and Mary

This is fantastic news. A well-deserved winner and runner-up. Congratulations Lindsay. And congratulations Anne. We are very pleased for you both. Well done. 

And a huge thank you to Gillian, Cari and Mary for all their hard work. All the writers who were brave enough to enter the Dragon's Pen will receive feedback from the dragons in the next couple of days. So, keep an eye on your inbox.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Congratulations to Katie Alford

We'd like to wish Katie Alford, member of Greenacre Writers - Finish That Novel2; many congratulations. She has finished her novel and been published. 

When Katie first joined Greenacres and brought along some of her Steampunk writing for critiquing, it ended up Katie explaining how the writing should be read rather than the other way around. You may ask, as we did, What is Steampunk?

The quick answer is: Steampunk is modern technology—iPads, computers, robotics, air travel—powered by steam and set in the 1800’s. But if you want a more detailed definition, read more here: Ministry of Peculiar Occurences 

Katie has been writing novels since she was 16 and is very excited to finally have one in print. 

Atlantis and the Game of Time

Kristell Ink, Grimbold Books (26 Aug 2014)

About the book:

Their goal is a single culture, a single history, threatening to obliterate all others, with peace forged only through oppression. 

From the dingy annals of human prehistory, a new culture emerges. Like the Atlantians, they too can travel through time, but these are no passive, desk-soft anthropologists, and they will not be satisfied with coexistence. They desire to absorb, to assimilate, and will crush any civilisation that stands against them. The Atlantians know the price of complicity is too high; they will not risk the annihilation of human advancement, culture, art, and freedom. Instead, they send their overworked operative, Professor Lokyne, and a select group of book-loving, academic activists to face this new enemy. Atlantis’s only hope is that they can employ their research and cultural integration skills to study their new enemy, find a weakness, and then strike from within. Only then can they hope to bring down this parasitic new civilisation and return the flow of time to its normal course. 

In this fast-paced, exquisitely detailed adventure, we follow the trepidatious group as it struggles across time and culture from ancient Egypt and Babylon, to China and beyond, exploring equality and the injustice inherent when one culture seeks to extinguish another.

As well as a writer, Katie is also an artist and designed the trailer for her book. You can find out more about Katie here.

And, for people wanting to buy a copy it is available from the following links:



Or you can order it from your friendly local high street bookshop using the paperback ISBN : 978-1-909845-59-6

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Stephens House & Gardens WW1 Centenary

Some of the Greenacre/Finchley Literary Fest peeps are involved in Stephens House & Gardens WW1 Centenary celebrations on Tuesday August 5th:
12-1pm A.L. Michael is running a creative writing workshop for kids, centred around WW1. Write stories, poems and letters inspired by life at that time, and the perspectives of those at home and on the front lines. An interactive and educational creative workshop. 

A.L. Michael is an author and a creative workshop facilitator from Mill Hill. She runs classes in writing and wellbeing, as well as teen and kids creative classes. Her first book, Wine Dark, Sea Blue, was published by Stairwell Books in May 2013, her next one The Last Word, will be published by Carina UK in April 2014. She has a penchant for shiny things and drinks far too much tea.

1.30-3pm Rosie Canning is running a creative writing workshop using World War One letters, photos and artefacts as inspiration. Rosie will spark your creativity and imagination, using creative writing exercises to take you back in time to WW1 from the safety of the bunker. 

Rosie Canning is co-founder of Greenacre Writers. In 2012, she co-hosted the Greenacre Literary Festival. This year the festival expanded and was been re-named Finchley Literary Festival. Rosie has an MA Creative Writing.

3-4pm Come and have afternoon tea in the lovely drawing room at Stephens House and listen to Sarah Harrison read from her bestselling WW1 novel, The Flowers of the Field and hear how she got the idea to write the book and all about the WW1 research. 

Sarah Harrison is the author of twenty five books and counting. She made her name with the bestselling The Flowers of the Field and its sequel A Flower That’s Free. Both have been reissued by Orion this year, with the third in the trilogy, The Wildflower Path, coming out in September. Sarah is also an entertainer, regularly performing in an all-woman revue, and winner of Silver Stand-Up’s Best Newcomer 2013.

Wednesday August 6th:
7.00pm Ally Pally Prison with Maggie Butt

A multi-voice, illustrated presentation from Maggie Butt’s surprising and moving first world war history, 'Ally Pally Prison Camp'.

Maggie Butt’s book and presentation combines the prisoners’ own words from letters and memoirs, with evocative photographs, full colour paintings by internee George Kenner and her own poems.

“This haunting mélange of words and pictures movingly conveys a forgotten story of hurt and injustice.” Juliet Gardiner, historian and writer.
Maggie grew up in North London, and still lives in Southgate, so has been aware of Ally Pally all her life. Alexandra Palace in North London was a ‘concentration camp’ for 3,000 civilian internees from 1915 to 1919. Many of them had grown up in England and very few of them spoke German. Many had English wives and children and others owned businesses in England. But they were locked up as ‘enemy aliens’ for four long years. This illustrated, multi-voice presentation combines their own words from letters and memoirs, with evocative photographs, plus full colour paintings by internee George Kenner and poems by Maggie Butt.

Stephens House & Gardens WW1 Centenary includes star Costumes from the hit BBC Drama 'The Crimson Field'  that will headline a week long exhibition 'A Casualty of War'. Tickets are available now for the exclusive opportunity to view the main character costumes and see images from the show alongside original WW1 ephemera, courtesy of David Cohen Fine Art, and a recreation of a section of a hospital ward in a private house, 
The purpose of this week is for Stephens House & Gardens to provide a focus to remember those that served and the many that suffered especially those treated within Avenue House when it was seconded as a Hospital.